PSN Training and Technical Assistance Catalog

The PSN TTA team supports the provision of TTA in a variety of formats, including on-site training and assessments, subject matter expert consultations, peer exchanges, and more. This page describes TTA currently available to PSN districts and how to request, plan for, and receive assistance.



  • BJA and the PSN TTA team will review all TTA requests and determine the most suitable and effective form of assistance.
  • The TTA team will work with you to ensure that the TTA is tailored to your needs and that appropriate stakeholders from your PSN team are involved in your TTA engagement.
  • If requesting on-site TTA, you will be asked to provide a training venue suitable for the planned attendees. The TTA team will provide logistical coordination for the event and subject matter expert (SME) trainers or assessors.


  • Following on-site TTA, the PSN Task Force will provide feedback on the delivery and impacts of the TTA via a PSN TTA Feedback Form.
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