Regional TTA Teams

Each PSN Task Force is supported by a regional Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Team, consisting of a TTA Liaison, Analyst, And Victim Services Liaison.

TTA Liaison: TTA Liaisons provide on-call TTA support to their assigned PSN TTA region by identifying and implementing evidence-based violent crime prevention and reduction strategies, facilitating information sharing and communication, assisting with the request, delivery, and use of TTA, and leading strategic and sustainability planning.

Analyst: Analysts support the TTA team and assigned PSN TTA region by understanding the breadth of TTA resources available, identifying, marketing, and coordinating the delivery of appropriate TTA, documenting the impacts of PSN TTA and resources, and encouraging and facilitating the collaboration and communication.

Victim Services Liaison: The Victim Services Liaison provides support to the PSN TTA regions by serving as the ongoing point of contact for questions and TTA requests regarding victim services. To learn more about the PSN TTA Victim Services Liaison, go here.

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