PSN 2022 National Summit Packet

BJA and the PSN TTA team hosted the PSN 2022 National Summit to Reduce Violence and Strengthen Communities in May 2022. Check out all of the session recordings and other summit resources here.

PSN Blueprint for Success

The PSN Blueprint features useful information for PSN partners regarding the history of the PSN program, fundamentals of a successful PSN strategy and team, and opportunities for TTA support. To view the PSN Blueprint, click here

Webinar: Homicide Support Groups

In September 2021, the PSN TTA program hosted a webinar on homicide support groups with representatives from the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department. To learn more, view the recording from the webinar here.


NCVC’s TTA website features a TTA catalog, discussion boards facilitating peer-to-peer and subject matter expert engagement, links to register for upcoming events, up-to-date facts and statistics on violent crime victimization and trauma, and a national and regional PSN directory map. To visit the portal, click here.

PSN Video: Working Together to Keep Communities Safe

This video provides a short summary of the PSN strategy, highlighting how it is community-based, targeted, and comprehensive.

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