An Introduction to Victim Services Training and Technical Assistance Webinar

This webinar provided members of U.S. Attorney’s Offices and their Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) partners and agencies with information about the National Center for Victims of Crime’s (NCVC) role in providing training and technical assistance (TTA). It provided specifics about the kinds of victim services TTA that NCVC can provide and how that TTA relates to PSN’s goal of reducing violent crime.

Benjamin McCarty, director of NCVC’s PSN program, along with the rest of the NCVC team, discussed:

  • NCVC’s history and mission
  • Relevancy of victim services to PSN and violent crime reduction
  • Subject areas and specific examples of TTA that NCVC can provide
  • Various other victim services-related resources available to PSN sites
  • NCVC’s PSN website and resource hub, which will be available in mid-June
  • How to connect with NCVC