TTA Resources

BJA and its TTA providers can provide TTA in a variety of different formats. PSN sites also have access to national training and networking opportunities. TTA is available for all four PSN design features. To learn more about available TTA, click below or view our PSN TTA Overview Document.

Useful PSN TTA Resources

PSN Blueprint for Success– The PSN Blueprint features useful information for PSN partners regarding the history of the PSN program, fundamentals of a successful PSN strategy and team, and opportunities for TTA support.

How to Find and Work with a Research Partner– Research partners can play a crucial role in measuring and determining the effectiveness of a PSN program.

Training on Social Network Analysis -The PSN Fundamentals of Social Network Analysis (SNA) training teaches law enforcement professionals about what SNA is and how to use it to understand and guide violence prevention efforts.

National Institute of Justice Crime Solutions – The National Institute of Justice’s is comprised of two components — a web-based clearinghouse of programs and practices and a process for identifying and rating those programs and practices.

Department of Justice Project Safe Neighborhoods Tool Kit (DOJ Access Required) – The PSN toolkit is a web-based resource available to U.S. Attorney’s Offices to assist them in their pursuit of enforcement and prevention strategies that will achieve the maximum impact on violent crime. The information in the toolkit can be used to inform districts’ PSN violent crime reduction strategies, as well as to strengthen their capacity to work cooperatively with law enforcement, prevention, community, and research partners. 

National Public Safety Partnership Clearinghouse – The Public Safety Partnership Clearinghouse is a public online tool that serves as a one-stop shop for violence reduction and public safety resources from the U.S. Department of Justice program components and other federal entities.

SMART for Policing Innovation – The Strategies for Policing Innovation program is a Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)–sponsored initiative that supports law enforcement agencies in building evidence-based, data-driven law enforcement tactics and strategies that are effective, efficient, and economical.