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Methods for Engaged Research Designs

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A multitude of analysis tools are available as a means to analyze data and efforts for evaluation purposes. Those tools include the following: Interrupted Time Series; Spatial Analysis (NIBIN, CGIC data); Social Network Analysis; Risk Terrain Modeling; and Data-based Risk Matrix and Strategy.

Goal and Objectives:
  • Enhance process and outcome evaluations.
  • Address ways to provide real-time feedback to practitioner partners to maximize analytical capacity for research and evaluation while creating a true collaborative researcher-practitioner partnership.
Intended Audience:

Research partner, analyst, practitioner (entry-level course/training)

TTA Format: Available in person and virtually

Varies by TTA type and site needs.

  • Specific methods guidance
  • Crime analysis to identify high-risk people, groups, places, and contexts
  • Principles of evidence-based and evidence-informed strategies
  • Linking analysis and strategies
  • Sources of information and decision-making protocols

Nicholas Corsaro, University of Cincinnati; Bryanna Fox, University of South Florida; Gio Circo, University of New Haven; Lauren Magee, Indiana University; Alaina De Biasi, University of California-Davis