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Grants Landscape Review

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PSN sites will gain direct assistance in creating a strategy for seeking, applying for, and managing grants. The grant strategist/SME will:

  • Gather information on the site’s grant process from grant identification to grant award administration and implementation.
    • Current and pending grant information on grantor, grant project description, grant award date, grant end date, and total grant award.
    • Department goals, priorities, public/private funding, current technology, and crime reduction/prevention strategies.
  • Create an initial “wish list” as the foundation of the site’s grant strategy.
  • Develop a complete grant strategy.
  • Identify future funding opportunities from traditional DOJ agencies, other federal resources, and state and private funding opportunities.

After the assessment is complete, the grant strategist/SME will provide continuing, direct TTA through remote and on-site assistance, including strategic guidance to law enforcement executives and technical guidance to grant managers and writers.

Goal and Objectives:

Develop a method to enhance private, state, and federal funding using a grant strategy planning process and identify future TTA opportunities.

Intended Audience:

(local personnel to participate in the assessment):

  • Chief of police and designated command staff
  • Grants manager/equivalent personnel
  • Strategic development personnel
  • Police foundation representative
  • City grants manager
  • One-day site visit.
  • The SME will deliver an assessment report approximately one month after the site visit.
  • Meetings with local personnel

An expert will be identified based on need or as suggested/recommended by the requester.