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Crime Analysis Capacity Assessment

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PSN subject matter experts (SMEs) can conduct the following activities as part of their crime analysis capacity assessment:

  • Conduct a needs assessment to determine analytical gaps and needs.
  • Develop and present recommendations for addressing the identified gaps and needs, including any specific programs or policies that can be targeted for TTA.
  • Document how the recommended TTA would promote organizational change, help reduce crime and enhance public safety, and identify data sources and elements that will be used to support these conclusions.
  • Outline technical solutions that enable real-time sharing of crime data and analytical products on a local, regional, and statewide basis, including examples of best practices that involve distance-learning tools and communications to address crime needs.
Goal and Objectives:

Identify analytical gaps in TTA resources for crime analysts and law enforcement personnel to enhance their capabilities to analyze and use data to make informed decisions, respond effectively, and prevent crime.

Intended Audience:
  • Chief of police and command staff
  • Research and planning manager (or equivalent office)
  • Police department crime analysis unit and analysts
  • City crime analysis/mapping or geographic information system (GIS) staff members
  • Users of analytic products (officers, investigators)
  • Two-day site visit.
  • SMEs will deliver an assessment report approximately one month after the site visit.
  • Meetings with the above local personnel
  • Weekly shooting review and/or CompStat meeting
  • Ride-along

An expert will be identified based on need or as suggested/recommended by the requester.