PSN Training and Technical Assistance Bulletin – May 2020

Included in this issue:

TRAINING on Victim and Witness Intimidation, Retaliation, Engagement, and Support

The National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) held a training focused on the victim and witness intimidation, retaliation, engagement, and support for law enforcement and service providers within a PSN district. After the training, NCVC participated in a number of listening sessions with attendees to determine specific TTA needs to inform future support. As a result, NCVC has continued working with the district to help improve their response to victims of homicide through the creation of a multidisciplinary team.

PEER EXCHANGE on Social Network Analysis

A PSN agency requested assistance with the technical aspects of social network analysis (SNA). The agency sought assistance with preparing and analyzing its data for SNA. CNA facilitated a peer exchange between the site and a law enforcement agency with extensive SNA experience. The two agencies met virtually in March, where the experienced site offered an overview of SNA, codebooks, structuring data for analysis, and analysis approaches. The next step will be a follow-up discussion focused on formatting data for analysis in the ORA software. A representative from the requesting site also attended virtual training on ORA software through the Naval Postgraduate School. CNA and MSU are collaborating to develop an introductory SNA training for all PSN sites.

ASSESSMENT on Strategic Messaging to Support Police-Community Relations

Strategic communications expert Laura McElroy conducted a strategic messaging assessment for a PSN agency in December 2019. The PSN agency has already implemented several recommendations resulting from the assessment, including revising the content of the weekly Chief’s video message to boost officer morale and promote career advancement, inviting the public information officer to policy- and operations-related meetings to ensure she is fully aware of departmental initiatives, and revamping the department’s social media approach. The Chief has requested follow-up technical assistance on strategies for engaging officers to develop additional organic social media content and engaging community members

TRAINING on Vicarious Trauma

NCVC held training for credible messengers for a PSN Region focused on vicarious trauma. NCVC is currently planning further training for that same group, including a "train the trainer" session and workshops focused on team building, anger replacement, boundaries, and self-care.