PSN Training and Technical Assistance Bulletin – July 2020

Included in this issue:

Victim Services Prosecutor Focus Group

This spring, the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) and CNA conducted three focus groups to learn more about practitioner perspectives on victim issues, services, and TTA needs. The first two focus groups focused on the law enforcement perspective, with separate focus groups for line officers and detectives. The third focus group gathered information from prosecutors. The participants were a diverse group representing large, suburban and rural jurisdictions. Prosecutors in PSN districts said they would benefit from training on best practices for effectively talking and communicating with violent crime victims, particularly for newer prosecutors with little experience, but also refresher courses for those more experienced.

New Case Study

Disrupting the Cycle of Violence: Prosecuting Domestic Violence Offenders in Possession of a Firearm NCVC and CNA recently completed a case study focused on the Oklahoma-West PSN team's "Operation 922" initiative, which aims to prevent individuals with domestic violence convictions from purchasing or possessing firearms through federal prosecution and collaboration between federal, state, and local partners.