Mid-Atlantic TTA Team

Eve Gushes

Deputy Chief Eve Gushes’ 32-year career with the Chicago Police Department began in 1990, culminating with her promoting through the ranks to Deputy Chief of the Office of Constitutional Policing and Reform Management. She managed a team of 665 sworn and civilian department members assigned to all aspects of force review, policy development, auditing, public safety and compliance, quality control and CALEA. She was a key liaison with the Independent Monitoring Team that oversees the CPD’s reform efforts, and she led the CPD to verifiable increases in compliance with consent decree paragraphs from 11% to 70% compliance over 5 reporting periods.

In May of 2017, Gushes was tasked with creating the first-ever Force Review Unit for the Chicago Police Department. Under her leadership, a unit was formed that not only identifies tactical training opportunities to ensure the safety of both community members and police officers, but also reduces Department and officer exposure to civil liability, while increasing officer skill and professionalism. The Force Review Unit introduced a feedback loop for officers on their skills at de-escalation and force mitigation as well as use of force—a first for the Chicago Police Department.

Over the span of her career, Deputy Chief Gushes served as the Commanding Officer of the Vice Control Section in the Organized Crime Division and has also worked in the Bureau of Patrol and the Detective Division, along with a long-term assignment to the Training Division where she updated hundreds of hours of curriculum for both recruit and in-service training to incorporate adult learning principles and scenario-based training. Over the last twenty years, she developed curriculum and trained both pre-service sergeants and lieutenants on community policing and supervisor responsibilities regarding use of force and deadly force incidents. In 2016, Gushes served on the Violence Reduction leadership team in the Englewood police district where she worked with local partners in a pilot Public Safety Partnership program.

Gushes currently serves as the Strategic Site Liaison to the Albuquerque Police Department as part of the National Public Safety Partnership Program and is a member of the Baltimore Police Monitoring Team where she reviews use of force incidents for compliance with the 2017 Consent Decree.

Deputy Chief Gushes holds a Doctorate degree in Education from Loyola University Chicago, a Master’s degree in Curriculum Design and Development from Loyola University Chicago and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from DePaul University. She is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police Session 70 and a member of the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Melissa Gutierrez

Melissa A. Gutierrez is an expert in criminal justice research with a focus on gang networks and gun violence including gun markets. At CNA, her work includes providing training and technical assistance on violent crime reduction programs and researching technology in law enforcement.

Prior to joining CNA, Gutierrez worked at the Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety, where she participated in projects related to program evaluation, violent death surveillance and unintentional overdose death surveillance.

Gutierrez holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in criminology and criminal justice with two minors in justice studies and statistics from Arizona State University.