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Credible Messenger Program
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The Credible Messenger Model partners community members who can build relationships with juveniles and adults who are in secure detention or incarceration facilities. Credible Messengers also work with families of incarcerated individuals. Credible Messengers are usually community leaders, prevention and reentry specialists, and individuals with relevant life experiences including justice-system involvement. Credible Messengers coach, guide, mentor, facilitate, and advocate for youth and young adults who are incarcerated for gun and/or gang-related crime. To be the most effective, and to reduce potential harms, this approach should be developed with and tailored to the community where it will be implemented. In particular, community input around who is a Credible Messenger is critical.

Primary implementing agency:
  • Law enforcement
Potential partnering agencies:
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Department of Community Supervision
  • Community Organizations
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