Throughout the year the PSN TTA team and subject matter experts put together webinars to share information with the larger Project Safe Neighborhoods community, law enforcement, attorneys, and victim service provides. Each webinar covers a different topic, with a variety of speakers. Please pay close attention to the webpages to find additional materials such as PowerPoint slides, accompanying case studies, speaker information, etc.

wdt_ID Title Date Description
1 Improving Services for Victims of Violence: The Homicide Support Group 09/16/2021 This webinar explored the history, program characteristics, and benefits of HSGs based on a trauma-informed, holistic approach to victim services. The webinar presenters offered lessons learned from the CMPD’s lengthy experience to help agencies that wi
2 Meaningful Strategic Planning that Produces Results 07/15/2021 During the webinar, experts in strategic planning shared experience on how to get started and how to navigate challenging strategic planning issues. The session also included considerations for multi-disciplinary partner engagement, strategic plan element
3 Domestic Violence Issues and Concerns During COVID-19 05/04/2020 During this webinar, Dr. Ashleigh Washington (Senior Director of Learning and Staff Development at Safe Horizon in New York) outlined the impact of this issue on service providers and law enforcement agencies nationwide, detailing approaches for partners
4 The Project Safe Neighborhoods FY 2020 Grant Program Solicitation Webinar 04/09/2020 This webinar provides details and guidance to eligible applicants on the FY20 Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) Block Grant Program.
5 PSN Webinar on Targeting Offenders and Creating Targeted Offender Lists 04/03/2020 During this webinar, researchers and experienced law enforcement professionals participated in an interactive panel discussion on strategies for identifying prolific violent offenders and maintaining targeted offender lists.
6 Trauma-Informed Interview and Investigation Techniques for Law Enforcement 03/16/2020 In this webinar, Dr. Justin Ramsdell, a well-respected forensic psychologist and law enforcement trainer, provided attendees with a four-part understaind of traumatic victimization, while Justin Boardman, a retired detective from West Valley City (Utah) P
7 Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) Webinar on Building and Enhancing PSN Partnerships and Strategies 01/15/2020 The presentation highlighted challenges of key partners and offered effective strategies related to partnerships, planning, communication, information sharing, accountability, and sustainability.
8 Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) FY19 New Grantee Webinar 11/07/2019 This webinar provided details and guidance to grantees for the FY19 PSN Formula Grant Program. The FY19 Project Safe Neighborhoods grant funds were appropriated pursuant to the Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act of 2018, Pub. L. No
9 Trauma-Informed Law Enforcement Strategies for Combating Victim, Witness, and Community Intimidation and Retaliation 08/17/2019 NCVC hosted a webinar and discussion on how law enforcement agencies are currently using trauma-informed approaches to intervene, mitigate, and combat the effects of intimidation and retaliation in their local, state, and federal jurisdictions.
10 An Introduction to Victim Services Training and Technical Assistance Webinar 06/04/2019 This webinar provided members of U.S. Attorney’s Offices and their Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) partners and agencies with information about the National Center for Victims of Crime’s (NCVC) role in providing training and technical assistance (TTA
Title Date Description