Law Enforcement and Prosecution Strategies

Who is CNA?

CNA applies research, analysis, and technical assistance to solve complex problems in the public and government sectors. Through methodologically sound scientific research grounded in field operations analysis and assistance—and through close connections with justice agency management and operations—CNA helps local, state, and federal organizations achieve practical results that save lives, promote justice, and improve trust and accountability in justice system

What is CNA’s role in PSN?

CNA, in partnership with Major Cities Chiefs Association and the National District Attorneys Association, will provide specialized TTA to PSN sites around law enforcement and prosecution strategies in support of local PSN project goals.

What are some law enforcement and prosecution strategies TTA that CNA can provide?

  • Focused Deterrence Approaches Assistance
  • Chronic Offender Lists Development
  • Relationship Building Enhancement between Law Enforcement and Prosecution Stakeholders
  • Collaboration Assessment, Development, and Sustainability Training
  • GunStat Case Review Training and Resources
  • Training and Technical Assistance on Strengthening Gun Investigations
  • Training and Technical Assistance on Establishing Community Prevention Programs.

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